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Safe Driving for Older Adults

While many older adults value the independence of driving, changes that happen with age may alter a person’s ability to drive safely. You may notice driving becoming more difficult over time for yourself or for your loved ones. Changes in health, including medical conditions or injuries, also may impact a person’s driving skills. Learn more […]

How Smell and Taste Change as You Age

Sally’s Story Sally looked forward to Thanksgiving dinner at her daughter’s house every year. She loved the smell of the turkey and all the fixings. She couldn’t wait to dig in. But, this year it didn’t smell like Thanksgiving and, when Sally ate the holiday food, she felt let down. It wasn’t as tasty as […]

Healthy Meal Planning: Tips for Older Adults

ating healthfully and having an active lifestyle can support healthy aging. Use the resources below to learn about different patterns of healthy eating and ways to create a nutritious meal plan. Older adults’ unique nutrition needs Simple adjustments can go a long way toward building a healthier eating pattern. Follow these tips to get the […]

Healthy Aging Tips for the Older Adults in Your Life

If you have older family members or loved ones, you may worry about their health as they age. Aging increases the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and dementia. The good news is that adopting and maintaining a few key behaviors can help older adults live longer, healthier […]